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Case history
Cinematographic Journeys - Visioni giapponesi
Il 28 e 29 ottobre Cinematographic Journey - Visioni giapponesi, la rassegna cinematografica curata da esterni, porta a Palazzo Litta Cultura una selezione speciale di lungometraggi e cortometraggi, un viaggio inusuale alla scoperta del Paese del Sol Levante che chiude la mostra fotografica The Yokohama Project.

Sabato 28 e domenica 29 - h17 - Sala Azzurra
Selezione di cortometraggi a cura di CaRTe bLaNChe / AA.VV. / Giappone, Francia / 60' Parte 1 e Parte 2

Sabato 28 h19 - Sala Azzurra
Out There di Takehiro Ito / Giappone, Taiwan / 2016 / 142'

Domenica 29 h19 - Sala Azzurra
Ama-San di Cláudia Varejão / Portogallo, Giappone, Svizzera / 2016 / 113'

h 21 - Teatro Litta
ANTIPORNO di Sion Sono / Giappone / 2016 / 77'

Adopt a filmmaker!
Plenty filmmakers are coming to town for the Film Festival in Milan and are looking for a home: to become part of independent cinema history, you just have to open the door. From September 28th to October 8th every citizen of Milan can share his house with a movie director, know his habits and guide him to discover the city. For each host, free admission to all the screenings and events of the Milan Festival - every day, everywhere. Write to

un posto a BASE / Tortona area
In via Bergognone 34, you can find BASE: a cultural innovation experiment we are part of, that gathers in the ex Ansaldo areas exhibitions, performances, workshops… and a bar with a kitchen in a line, which you can call un posto a BASE. An international place, where the raw materials are always seasonal - where possible organic and biodynamic - and the food is served in line (without cutlery) to involve all your senses.

Milano Film Festival Season 22
This year Autumn is for cinema. From September 28th to October 8th Milano Film Festivalcomes back: two film competitions, the out of competition selection, and special projects as Audiovisiva, Debut, Festivalino - the event dedicacated to kids, the cartoons marathon and other special events.

un posto a Milano / zona Porta Romana
From 2012, in Cascina Cuccagna you can find un posto a Milano, a meeting point for small and medium Italian farms. They are more than 100 and do costant research to improve the quality of our lives. We support their work and dedication through the REAL FOOD MILE by choosing high quality raw materials and seasonal ingredients, and supporting the renewal of our culinary tradition.

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Story of a revolution

At Milano Film Festival an exhibition goes back to the years of the students' uprising in Milan, an original research on the theme of uprising that takes shape trough screenings and installations at BASE Milano. Thanks to videos shot by the Collettivo Cinema Militante and restored for the occasion, NOI goes back into the ten years between '67 / '77 to understand its rituals, mythologies and to analyse a generation that broke the rules and fought in the name of a new ideology.


From September 29th to October 8th Milano Film Festival hosts the photo exhibition "Enrico Appetito for Michelangelo Antonioni on sets 1959-1964" by ETICAARTE and Istituto LUCE Cinecittà, in collaboration with Archivio Storico Enrico Appetito and Sandro Bernardi.
At BASE Milano an exhibit, trough the shots of Enrico Appetito - the set photographer for The Adventure and The Red Desert - explores the set archaeology of Michelangelo Antonioni and investigates his reletionship with nature. A cyclorama installed for the occasion, will be held the screening installation of Emiliano Montanari (in collaboration with Enrico Ghezzi) "return to white Eyeland", the archeology of sets and Falsiritorni filmed by Enrico Ghezzi.

Ensemble Sinestesia + Vincent Moon

Gauntlet to contemporary music: on October 4th Gioventù Musicale d'Italia presents a multisensory experience, creates new ways of listening. At the same time Vincent Moon, the videomaker that brings on the screen ancient folklore, sacred rituals and archaelogies of lost worlds, will accompany the concert with a live video performance. The event is organised thanks to Gioventù Musicale d'Italia.

Out of competition

Among the movie out of contest this year at Milano Film Festival, in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Mailand, "Manifesto", written and directed by Julian Rosefeldt. Video installation at first, the film is the editing of 13 different monologues, each one taken from pieces of some of the most famous art's manifesto. Cate Blanchett, with an incredible performance, is the one and only interpreter of the 13 characters. Fame, a docu-film about the birth and the early decline of the street art festival Fame. Giacomo Abbruzzese and Angelo Milano use archive documents to present Ericailcane, Blu and others among the best street artists, and how they turned a small Apulian town into the centre of street art.

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